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Kasi Clean was founded due to the concerns of the Founder to the cleanliness of the human environment that is often taken trivially by some people in Malaysia.Most of the health problems, especially in Malaysia at this point are due to their exposure to dirty environments that are harmful to their own.

For these concerns and problems, the Founder has taken the initiative to establish this cleaning service with the aim of ensuring that people, especially in Malaysia, are aware of daily exposure to impurities within their surroundings.

Having this company established with the strengths and expertise from our team, we feel that we have contributed a great deal to the people in Malaysia especially in terms of hygiene in the environment where we have helped many people in solving the problems and we feel that this contribution will also benefit each community, especially in Malaysia.

Finally, our hopes and dreams are we can help more people, especially in Malaysia in terms of their cleanliness and environment where they can indirectly prevent them from being exposed to health problems, unhealthy lives and so on.


To enhance the diversity of services and to satisfy all customers as well as to diversify business scope towards dynamic industries and are managed by professional workers and become well-known companies both locally and overseas.


To grow and develop the company as a Quality, Competitive, Dynamic and Distinctive cleaning company


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Johor Bharu

Kuala Lumpur

Shah Alam



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